New features in VPS Hosting

New features added to our VPS Hosting: Individual public IP addresses for each VPS; Use of any TCP & UDP ports on VPSes. When purchasing a new VPS, this option is available by default; Before, only TCP port forwarding and http/https domain forwarding were available. If you need http/https domain forwarding, it is still possible as well. ... Read More »

6th Oct 2022
Why not start with a WordPress website one-click installation?

  Why not start with a WordPress websiteone-click installation on selecting a perfect WordPress theme right away and after the site is published making the SEO optimization with SEO Panel quick installation from the same account ?  The Free SSL certificate for your site can be autoinstalled just with other one-click ... Read More »

17th Sept 2022
How much would cost 5 email accounts on SpaceDSM with personalized email address @Mydomain

Let's see how much the total cost would be to have an email-oriented hosting plan on with up to 5 personalized accounts like [email protected] For your new email account you just need a registered domain (o register it on and one of our hosting plans. The price for TLD (Top-Level Domains) .com .net .org ... Read More »

12th Apr 2020
SidePad available now with SpaceDSM account

SitePad is an Easy to use, Drag & Drop Website builder with 40+ Widgets like Image/Video Slider, Image Galleries, Rich Text and many more!! SitePad currently has 354 Themes and we are adding more.. To use SitePad go to control panel, choose Script installers, SitePad and follow the instructions. Don't have an account yet? Get it here     Read More »

29th Mar 2020
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