Let's see how much the total cost would be to have an email-oriented hosting plan on https://spacedsm.com with up to 5 personalized accounts like [email protected]

For your new email account you just need a registered domain (o register it on https://spacedsm.com) and one of our hosting plans.

  1. The price for TLD (Top-Level Domains) .com .net .org .biz and a lot of others starts from about €7/year and may reach thousands of € for premium domains. To check it now click here
  2. The prices for our hosting plans start from €2.99/month or 29.99/year.

Example: choosing most common .com TLD which we offer for €12/year you can have your fully configurable email account for €41.99/year, where the amount of €12 for domain register has to be paid in one payment and payment for hosting can be subscribed for payments in monthly or yearly basis.

In case that you already have a registered domain and want to change your hosting, you can transfer the domain to us or just set up our private name servers on the control panel by your domain register (ask our support team how to do it) and start using our hosting without domain transfer. That may have sense if you are not satisfied with your previous hosing provider and have decided to move to us. You can also transfer your domain later before it expires (instead of renewing it by the same register). 

You may also evaluate all the features in our hosting without domain registering or domain transfer just choosing monthly hosting payment with 14-days Money-back Guarantee.


Note that prices here are not include VAT; We don't charge VAT to customers with address in Slovenia


Sunday, April 12, 2020

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